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The Chemotherapy Foundation
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1968  through 2016

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Meet Our Research Grant Recipients 2017

Grant Submission and Review Policies

The Foundation’s grant policy favors clinical and preclinical studies with potential translational aspects to yield near-term therapeutic benefits, as well as novel basic science often linked to new drug development. The intention is to stimulate innovative areas and high-impact projects with seed money in the hope that sufficient preliminary data can be produced by investigators to obtain follow-on funding from other sources.  

All grant applications are by invitation and both current and newly invited proposals are submitted on a competitive basis for each two-year grant period (currently 2016-2017). Proposals are evaluated by members of our Medical Advisory Committee and, when warranted, by our Scientific Advisory Council and the altruistic willingness of selected external reviewers (Ad Hoc Committee).

In August leading up to each grant period (next period 2018-2019), current grantees are invited to submit Competitive Grant Proposals by the end of September. At that time, if we are aware of any additional new funds to be made available by a major benefactor for a specific area of interest, then the Foundation invites the Department/Division heads (Hematology-Oncology/Pathology/Cancer Genetics, etc.) at major New York City medical centers to select one of their investigators whose studies emphasize that particular research to submit a Competitive Grant Proposal.  

Criteria for judging grant allocations: All grant proposals are circulated to Medical Advisory Committee members and, if needed, to ad hoc reviewers from our Council or others with special expertise. Critiques with reviewers’ scores for all grant proposals are returned to the Foundation. The following evaluation factors are scored on each proposal and a composite score for all reviews subsequently calculated (percentage). 

1. Soundness of Science

2. Translational and Collaborative Potential 

3. Innovative Aspects

4. Value Added to our Mission

This phase is followed by a Medical Advisory Committee meeting to select for recommendation to the Board of Trustees the proposals reviewed favorably for funding in the next grant period. Note: At the end of the first year of the new two-year grant period, grantees are required to submit progress reports. These are reviewed by the Medical Advisory Committee for justification of continued funding for the second year.


The Chemotherapy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable, educational,

scientific organization and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.